Glen Gour


I have worked as a Mountain Leader since 2015, introducing people to the awe-inspiring, mountainous landscapes of the UK, in particular Scotland and North Wales. I'm also a Duke of Edinburgh trainer and assessor, enabling young people to achieve the award.

I hold various other outdoor qualifications including climbing, canoeing and sea kayaking which has allowed me to work in other fields and environments.


I have worked for educational charities including The Outward Bound Trust and the North Wales Wildlife Trust. I hold the NCFE Coastal Leader Award with experience and knowledge of environmental education methodologies, creating and managing projects and health & safety. I have experience carrying out citizen science projects and surveys, as well as leading practical conservation tasks. 

I am also a qualified National Park Ranger for Umhverfisstofnun (The Environment Agency, Iceland) and have worked as a Seasonal Ranger for the Cairngorms National Park Authority.

Enjoying camp life


For the past few years I have worked in Iceland with NST, delivering educational school trips in geography and geology. Iceland is a fascinating country, sitting on a divergent plate boundary - the Mid-Atlantic ridge. Iceland is defined by its dramatic landscapes with volcanoes, glaciers, unique coastal features and geothermal areas. This makes it an ideal location to observe geological and geographical processes.