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A Seamless Landscape 2021-2022

A Seamless Landscape was a collaborative and participatory walking art project that took place in the Glenmore area of the Cairngorms and in partnership with Cairngorms Connect. Participants from the Cairngorms Connect partners, including RSPB, NatureScot, and the Cairngorms National Park Authority walked together with myself and artist Louise Kernaghan to explore concepts of the physical and metaphorical boundaries within the Cairngorms Connect partnership area. By walking to the edge of the mapped boundary and taking part in a series of creative exercises, we discovered a different way of looking and being in a familiar landscape. In the process, we contemplated the wider scope of the Cairngorms Connect partnership and its’ future vision for nature conservation. We created a zine that brought together the words and images from the day. A similar, public event was done in early 2022. Image credits, Louise Kernaghan.

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